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Veterinary Services Offered in Madeira Park

Our veterinarians in Madeira Park are here to make your beloved furry friend live a happy and long life. Since 2003, our hospital has been providing medical, nutritional, emergency, and other veterinary services in Madeira Park and surrounding areas. As a smaller, independent pet hospital, we can provide a more personalized service experience for you and your pet. Our comprehensive wellness care covers all aspects of your pet’s health. As a full-service veterinary hospital, we provide a wide range of medical services including:


Digital radiology

Medical assessment

In-house laboratory


Pharmacy services

General surgery

Digital dental X-ray

Parasite prevention

Preventative Care

Medical exams

Tattoo and microchip ID

As a pet owner, you will notice when your pet feels discomfort. Regular veterinary checkups can help you identify the issues and decide the right time to take your pet to the hospital. Our experienced veterinarians will do a thorough examination to determine the causes of your pet’s discomfort. Our staff is friendly and helpful, and has your pet’s best interests at heart to make sure your pet is in good health.

Our in-house laboratory is equipped for conducting tests like CBC, chemistry and urine analysis.

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We accommodate all the medical needs of your pet.

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